About Us: Why I started Angelina’s Flowers


I started Angelina’s Flowers because I love flowers! I love sharing flowers, I love giving flowers. I love seeing people’s faces. How they light up with joy when you hand them a bouquet. How tears of gratitude form in their eyes after you acknowledge their loss. To see their elated happiness when you celebrate a special moment together.


I would often be traveling and had a hard time finding a quality, dependable flower company to deliver on time and what I ordered. I needed a better way to send flowers to those I love and care about when I couldn’t be there in person.


My frustrations grew to the culmination point when I was in Africa far into the bush while on safari. I tried ordering flowers for my mother’s 60th birthday. It took 30 minutes to order flowers for delivery from a company I thought was in Canada due to the horridly slow wifi which kept dropping the website. When I finally was able to order flowers to my horror, nowhere while ordering was I told my order was in USD for delivery to Canada. I had ordered them two days in advance for delivery to a major city and then to my surprise the order was cancelled out of the blue as they wouldn’t be able to delivery them at all. My frustrations with the whole ordeal set my off on a path to create one of the best flower delivery companies in North America.


I wanted to create something different, something reliable, something that customers would love.


We offer sales in both USD for orders delivered in the USA and Canadian dollars for deliveries in Canada. So we don’t run into similar order experiences I had with other companies in the past, with my own personal orders, we use a huge network of top established local florists who understand how important it is to get the order delivered on time and correctly.



I hope that my frustration with other shady flower delivery websites has created something you will value and use and love. We’ve put so much work into creating one of the top flower delivery companies, I know you will just love it!